Gievers-Zuniga Foot & Ankle Center provides comprehensive foot and ankle medicine and surgery. We offer a variety of services to treat a wide array of foot and ankle related issues.

We can aid in the treatment of:

  • Foot and ankle injuries and pain – Often, patients have a gait abnormality that is improved with orthotics. We will tape your feet to see if this helps alleviate the discomfort. If there is any improvement, orthotics are needed and will be made for you. If any tendon injuries or fractures have occurred, we will brace or cast the patient in order to treat the problem and will make recommendations on how long to stay off the injured foot.
  • Ingrown toenail infections – A nail procedure may be needed to remove the offending painful / causative nail from the toenail infection to allow your nail to heal. This is a simple five minute procedure that is made less painful with cold spray prior to local injection of anesthesia.
  • Fungal toenail – There are many types of fungal toenail infections. Cultures are initially taken to determine the type of infection. Based on the result, laser therapy, oral medication or topical medication may be indicated. We offer the latest laser therapy with an FDA approved laser, Cutera that has been proven to provide a great alternative to previous oral medications.
  • Diabetic foot issues – Our diabetic foot evaluation will check nerve status and circulation. We also look for problem pressure points that might become a future ulceration. These are treated on-site and we will provide recommendations for special lotions or prescriptions that you may need. You may need specialized shoes or inserts that we can also make for you.
  • Warts – Warts are a skin virus that are typically found around pooled water such as a locker room, pool, shower area. Since they depend on a blood supply to live, they can spread rapidly as the foot is highly vascular. Remedies for treatment include over the counter medication, prescription medication, cantharidin application or laser therapy. Rarely do these lesions need to be cut out anymore. Cantharidin, also known as “beetle juice”, is a highly effective therapy this painless to go on and will cause a blistering reaction that pushes the wart off. The sizes of the blisters will vary from patient to patient.
  • Hammertoes / Bunions – Hammertoes and bunions are both progressive problems and are due to a tendon imbalance. Often these can be inherited due to an overall foot shape. Flat feet for example are well known for having these problems. Based on the patient’s level of pain, they may or may not need surgery. Often, padding and orthotics and possible cortisone injections can alleviate pressure from these areas. If those methods are not successful, surgical intervention is offered.
  • Running / Athletic injuries – Often runners overpronate through their stride. Orthotics are very helpful to realign your gait and prevent tendons from pulling or stretching too much. We carry a great line of over the counter inserts that may be all you need versus a custom type of orthotic that can provide specific support geared towards each patients needs. Insurance companies may cover a custom insert whereas over the counter products are not covered.
  • Overall foot pain – Foot pain often needs local “tune ups” or callous and nail debridement routinely to provide relief. For further foot pain treatment, padding around painful areas is also helpful and will be provided.
  • Flat Feet – Flat feet tend to put a lot of strain on the big toe region/inner arch which may lead to problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunion pain, arthritis of the midfoot section. Orthotics can pick up the arch and alleviate abnormal pressure on these sites.